Windows 8 is the eighth generation of Windows operating systems, which is why it has chosen this name. According to the manufacturers, these windows are 55.26% faster than Windows seven boot. Zahzy also remove the Windows Start new functionality for the user has created. This is the original version and the version that was caught a few days ago is different, All In One, this means having all versions of Windows since Windows 8 is released later you can see the name .

Windows 8 Pro دانلود نسخه نهایی ویندوز هشت Windows 8 All In One x86/x64
Metro UI:
Windows 8 new user interface based on Microsoft's Metro design language will work, subway tile-like environment will be a new feature (like a square) on the start screen (Start Screen) appears similar to the Windows Phone operating system. Each of the tiles is a program that will be able to show relevant information such as the number of unread messages or email a program to show the water temperature, and the air. Metro style apps run full screen and be able to share information between each of the contracts (Contracts) are used. Them through shop windows (Windows Store) will be available. Metro style apps with new Windows Runtime platform and Using programming languages ​​C + +, Visual Basic, C # and HTML / JavaScript evolved.
Traditional desktop environment for running desktop applications as software is called Metro. And the Start button (Start) has been deleted from the task bar and instead created a sensitive area, the cursor moves to the bottom left corner appears. Also Bar Charm (Charm Bar) has been added, both the new Metro start screen is opened that replaces the previous start page.
Shop Windows
Future Shop Windows digital distribution platform by Microsoft as part of Windows 8 Metro-style applications are developed. Windows Store will allow developers to promote their desktop applications., In store windows, both free and paid applications available. Plans to pay the $ 1.49 price range is $ 999.99. programmers and application developers can also take a free trial offer. stores the consumer version of Windows along with Windows 8 was released on 29 February 2012, became available. developers and application developers from 38 countries can to submit applications for the Windows Store.'s program now supports 109 languages. course available in India.
Microsoft, Windows Store in Windows 8 has been confirmed. Bhmannd Ubuntu Software Center and Mac application store that allows developers to make their applications on the Metro Windows 8 release their accessories. Store windows also allow developers Win32 applications, or "old desktop" to the release, the catalog only provides links to the websites of the program.
New features:
  • The new user interface (Metro) for touchscreen
  • Remove the starter button.
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Login using image
  • Fast boot hybrid
  • Task Manager (Task Manager) new
  • Windows startup using flash memory
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Supports USB3
  • Support the ARM architecture, the Intel and AMD
  • The new start page.
  • Ability to restore the operating system to factory settings (initial)
  • The new file system REfs.
  • Support for Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Secure Boot
  • Technology supports RAID 1 and RAID 5
  • Add to Windows explorer like Microsoft Office 2010 ribbon bar.
  • The ability to open files in ISO, IMG or VHD.
  • Windows Defender antivirus software in Windows has a feature that is similar to Microsoft Security Asnshalz software works and is expected to replace the software.
  • Added safety features a family (Family safety) that lets parents control the Internet activity for their children and also to protect their children and monitor their PC.
  • New Chndvzyfgy
Removed features:
  • Command bar (command bar) replace the ribbon bar (Ribbon UI) is.
  • All versions of Windows Media Center, but it was removed as an extension (add-on) is available.
  • Windows Media Player does not support DVD playback, Windows Media Center if the player still has to be purchased separately.
  • Start button (Start button) removed, though still a tender spot on the lower left of the screen is available.
  • Show Desktop button on the taskbar is not visible, but can be activated by clicking on the lower right corner of the page.
  • Karbryayrv Windows interface (Aero) in Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been deleted in Windows 8.
  • Blue Screen of Death errors caused by the technical information about the operating system stops showing is easier.
- Version available in this pack:
x86 (32-bit)
Windows 8 x86
Windows 8 N x86
Windows 8 Pro x86
Windows 8 Pro VL x86
Windows 8 Pro N x86
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86
Windows 8 Enterprise x86
Windows 8 Enterprise N x86
x64 (64-bit) 
Windows 8 x64
Windows 8 N x64
Windows 8 Pro x64
Windows 8 Pro VL x64
Windows 8 Pro N x64
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64
Windows 8 Enterprise x64
Windows 8 Enterprise N x64
caution دانلود نسخه نهایی ویندوز هشت Windows 8 All In One x86/x64 Note: From now on, the volume of compressed files are over 100 MB containing 5% recovery. This feature makes it difficult to extract the files, absolutely zero. To use this feature, you have to download the file and extract the difficulties encountered, the software Winrar and run to see where you download the zip file, and select the Parthians and the Repair option Press the upper part of the software is available. The proper place for storing them choose. Upon completion of the work, where you go to save the selection and it will extract the files.


WINDOWS 8 alternative link

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Windows 8 offline activator

Patch stardock start8 1.01